Thumbnail won't generate

I’m having a no luck generating thumbnails for templates in the window at the bottom of the library properties tab. I right click in the bottom window (where the icons for the tempates are listed) and the status bar appears, gets about 1/4 of the way across before dissappearing…and nothing.It worked fine for me on the trial version but not with 4098 that I just purchased. I’m still able to double-click for previews,but I’m using a lot ot templates, and I really wanted to be able to see thumbnails.I’m using Windows xp business service pack 2 and an nvidia card with the latest driver.

Hi Paul,Make sure that your view is currently in Thumbnail. To do so do a right click in the template library>View>Thumbnail. Then if you had generated the thumbnail you should have them displayed.If this still doesn’t work let us know.Best regards,Ugo

aaaaaaaah…that’s got it.Thanks a lot,Paul