Thumbnail Feature

This may not be a big deal, but I think a feature that allows users to draw thumbnails maybe a bit handy. Right now I just zoom out and draw the thumbnails and then zoom in( which has a similar effect as the images Blowing up).

In Case you are wondering why thumbnails? I like to draw very rough thumbnails usually sized down to prevent me from getting to involved in detail, and focus more on the story flow, then I like to blow those up and get Funky!

I use a template similar to this

I do the same thing, re-sizing the thumbnails in Photoshop. That’d be a very handy feature.

Thanks for that suggestion, I may try that on my next board. I’m working on a series of 22 minute kids TV shows right now and it’d sure save me a lot of scanning!

I also like to thumbnail small like this, it’s a great way to design shots fast and not get caught up over drawing.

As a work-a-round I enable “draw in thumbnails” in SBP and then create a bunch of blank panels to thumbnail with. Its not very elegant but it does work.


One thing that can be handy too workflow-wise is to draw your thumbnails in the Vertical View and that way you’re limited to a small size, then you can switch over to the Drawing View when you’re ready to get funky. :slight_smile: