Thrill Rider Movie Teaser

We are putting together a Cast and Crew to make a 7.5 minute (micro-budget) TEASER vector graphic animation trailer for Thrill Rider.


A dishonorably discharged young Army vet seeking redemption finds himself drawn into a web of high tech domestic terrorism.

It is our plan to use Harmony and TB Storyboard software to create a theater quality experience for this action adventure script. We are looking for gifted vector graphic animators, graphic character and set artists and solid sound design and voice actors to make this production stand out.

The master Plan is to use this VG Teaser to obtain the backing to make the 120 minute full length VG Thrill Rider animated feature.

Interested? Talented? Want to push the boundaries of VG animation/entertainment? Always wanted to make a movie?

Apply at www,

Thrill Ride is now available on iTunes and Amazon! Watched the teaser. Its pretty awesome.


Johnson Stefen

Thanks for the updates.

Hello, I really love the Thrill Ride movie. I used to watch it every day when it releases. I took my girlfriend with me to the theatre to watch this movie. I still watch it tho. I also like to watch movies which are made on students and gladly I have found link in which I have found them. I watch those movies because I am a college student and they inspired me a lot.