This would be a HUGE HELP in learning Animate

When I was first learning flash, the way things are set up on the timeline was a huge mystery to me. That is until I downloaded a 1 minute movie from some resource site and when I took a look at how things worked in the timeline and symbols it all made sense to me.

The request - can someone who has done a short movie in Animate please put it up so we can download and dissect it? It does no have to be a master peace but just something that shows some kind of animation with characters moving in some kind of Environment.

I think this would answer alot of questions that I don’t even know how to ask. It could be stick figures with a desk in the BG, whatever, all that is important is HOW it was all setup.

I know that when you do that you run the risk of having it stolen or copied, ect. but can someone please throw me a freaken bone here?

Matador63 - what are you after - cutout, or traditional? let me know what you want to dissect, and I’m happy to zip up a folder and send it to you. It will be a Digital pro project, but you should be able to open it in Animate.

Thanks Sim71, I would really appreciate that. To answer your question I kind of combine the 2. I do cutout and traditional in tough scenes.

So Anything you send would be extremely appreciated.

I just know that If I see it done once I will have a better understanding.

Thanks again buddy maybe down the road I can return the favor somehow.


I recieved it thanks! I was about to delete it cause originally it looked like Spam then I saw Sim something and I was like wait … YEAH! LOL

Thanks so much dude!

Not a problem man. There should be a massive green mouth that says ‘Big Mouth’, which scares the old lady to death! But I managed to delete the Element folder for that - which is a big no no!!! See how you get on picking through this one, and let me know how you get on. I have a ‘cut out’ project to send you too, but it’s 200MB or so, so Ill do it in a couple of days, as Im a bit chocka block at the mo!!


I see the poor old lady walking and having a stroke. Nice FBF animation. Where can I see more of your work?

The mouth and apparently some symbols and cells seem to be empty, but it’s ok, I immediately noticed that you drew on cells instead of Keyframes. Is that so you can use drawing substitutions?

What is the rule in animate. Drawings don’t use keyframes but cells?
symbols use Keyframes?

Thanks again,

Hey man - glad you managed to open it ok…

Drawings use cells - yes. Keyframes don’t really have much of a role for me. In all honesty I try to avoid any kind of morphing / tweening / effects if possible as my style (much to the distress of my current animation team!!) is more purist in that sense. Each character has it’s own peg - which may have separate eyes / texture details or maybe arms & legs. so the whole peg can be shifted / resized etc if needed. The mouth layer is empty because I managed to accidentally delete the corresponding element folder from within the project folder (DOH!!!) and lost a whole fbf lip sync sequence for the VO! There’s a lesson for you to learn early on!!!

We comp in AFX too, so I really just use TB for pure animation sequences.

So you do FBF but use Cutout techniques for certain elements of the body?

"Each character has it’s own peg"

but All of the layers in the peg are drawings not symbols right? or do you mix in both?

I know you are probably saying, “what have I got myself into” ;D

Ha ha - not at all…

in a way, I guess - yes. I put elements on the peg - really just for keeping layers separate so I can edit them easily at a later stage - or if an arm, say, moves in front of a prop, for example. Still all fbf though. being on the peg, I can scale the whole thing up or whatever easy peasy.

I try to avoid symbols and stuff with this style.

When I get a breather - I’ll send you a cut out project. it’s got all sorts in it that should explain some other stuff for ya.