This stinks

I bought TBS last week when they had their $329 special and I made a mad dash to get it because it said "HURRY OFFER ENDS FEB 16! So I hurried only to find out that they now have the same offer but you now get the whole training series with it FREE!

I sent an email to see if I could get the training but never heard back from them.

I mean…come on Toon Boom. If I had known that waiting an extra day would have meant getting the training I obviously would have waited.

I understand that these specials come and go but ONE DAY!!??

I bought Lightwave back a few years ago for its then price of $2495 and 3 days later it dropped to $1595. Newtek made good and refunded the difference. I’ve been a LW user ever since.

I’m really bummed…

BUT, i’m still going to be getting Solo asap! My agency is serious about moving into doing animations for our clients (well…just this one particular client) and TB seems to be the solution. I just wish they responded a little better than they have so far.


Would it be possible to know to whom you have sent the e-mail to Toon Boom. I can’t guarantee anything but you might want to contact and explain the situation.

We should contact you back afterward.

Best regards,


Thanks UGO. I sent an email and will see what happens.

I also asked about upgrading to Solo since I think it would better suite our needs.

I’m hoping for the $1999 deal : )

I received it!

Now to try and talk them down on the pricing for Solo ;D

As soon as it drops to $2,000 i’ll get it. Something tells me it will. A little bird. A little animated bird actually.