this project is already opened - error message

Hi,I’m trying to open a storyboard pro document created on someone elses computer and when i open the project file i get this message:This project is already openeed.Machine: macintosh-60.localUser: persons nameDate: todays dateMaking changes and saving the project while being opened by another user can corrupt the scene.and it does indeed corrupt the scene even if i save the project as a new filename. I was splitting scenes and it deleted artwork in to seperate scenes in the timeline and i was left outputting black there anyway to fix this? its urgent as boards are being revised for approval and this error shouldnt be happening as the user isnt even on our local network the file was sent online.thanks

I’ve emailed with the issue. its strange that the file should lock being edited if its not on a local network. I can understand sharing issues when more than one person access a single project file over a local network while the project is in use.will there be an update to fix this problem?

I am guessing that when he saved the file he saved it and transferred it without closing it and this probably meant that he still had the lock on the scene.

At this point I’m going to have to recommend that you email so that they can investigate exactly what’s going on with your file.


Even when you’re working on an individual machine, whenever you open a scene you take the lock for it. This is also relevant because you might open up multiple instances of Storyboard and you don’t want to open up the same scene twice.

I believe that the lock is actually taken for a reason so in this case I don’t think there’s anything that would need to be fixed in an update - rather we would need to make sure that the proper procedure is followed when saving and sending files.