This may be a dumb question

Does Toon Boom Studio have a model sheet option?

In the last animation program I used, I could save an image “as model” and then use that model sheet as the basis for my coloring on every frame.

I know I can customize palettes, but is that the only way to keep my colors straight?

Probably the closest thing to a model sheet is a library template. And there are no dumb questions. -JK

yeah, check JK’s tips & tricks thread & read up on the global library. say for instance you have a character with a red shirt & blue pants, but you want to play with the shading etc as he moves about. If you set up your base coloring & the drag that frame to the library, you can then take the frame from the library & add shading/highlights as you want, but you would always have that frame in the library which would remain with just the base coloring.

I don’t know if that’s something like what you’re trying to do, but hope it helps anyway. JK’s thread will explain more than I can.
good luck

Not quite what I was hoping for, but it will have to do. I suppose with TBS interpolating color for multiple frames, that should make up some lost time.