This is kind of had to explain

I hope I can get help with this. It is very annoying. Last week I opened up my project to update some dialog in my board I noticed this new little drop down bar in the dialog tab. I think it’s for captions? There are three buttons next to it, Add slash, add (CONT’D) and edit character names. I can’t figure out how to get rid of this tab and buttons. It is annoying because I have to stretch the entire window so i can get to the T button to underline or to change the size of the text. When i switch to Pitch mode That tab take up a lot of space and my pitch window is a smaller size. I attached a picture of the tab.



UPDATE I posted a new pic of the offending tab

Hi, in the upper right corner you find an arrow pointing down and beside “X”. Click the X and you close the active tab.

No that’s not it. Clicking the X closes the entire Panel tab. I need to keep that for writing my dialog. I included another screen cap of the offending tab.

I can’t help cause It doesn’t look like that in my SBPro.

What’s your version of Storyboard? Mac or Windows?

Sorry, I answered the wrong question.
But I agree with rkriz, eddieT you have to contact support about this.

Contact support to help you resolve this.