This Hopefully Has An Easy Solution:Lipsyncing With One Audio File and Two Chars

I had posted this in the tut forum, but I see it fits better here. My problems lies mostly in confusion–I’ve got two characters that need to speak(six if you count the crowd in the background)but two mainly. I’ve set the first char to speak just fine, but when it comes to making the second lipsynch BOOM!</John Madden>, not only can I not select the piece of the audio I want that character to speak to without affecting the whole thing(from the exposure sheet), but when I map it, it screws the first char up because it remaps the ENTIRE thing. So when broken down my problems are:

1.I can’t select pieces of the audio as opposed to the whole thing.
2.When I map, say one frame of the exposure sheet, it remaps the whole thing.

Any help? This is but one of the frustrations I’m dealing with now…

lipsync mapping is only a template for the real drawings. i haven’t done much with it, but would it be an idea to draw both characters’ lip positions separately, i.e. first one first, then the second one to the remapped lipsync?just an idea…cheers,rob

Don’t get frustrated, what you are trying to do isn’t simple. It looks simple and it may seem simple to you, but it isn’t. Most people would use two or more seperate audio tracks and do each piece seperately and then it can be composited. The old saying “the more that you know, the more that you realize that you don’t know very much” applies. That’s what experience is all about. Learning to recognize what is simple and what just seems simple but isn’t. -JK

Yer it’s all right…I’ve gone back to handdrawing the mouths frame by frame with onion-skinning. Lipsynching was nothing new to me, seeing as I’d come from doing it in Flash for years, I just thought it being done for me would be a nice feature but I get results 50,000,000 times better the frame by frame way.Thanks anyways.