This forum...

… sure is quite. I thought it would have much more traffic than this. It’s a shame because ToonBoom is such a great product.

Hi, Fireburst-

Yeah, it’d be nice if this forum was more active. Actually, it can be fairly busy from time to time, but nothing like some other forums I visit regularly. Of course, Toon Boom isn’t as well known as software like Flash. Should be though.

By the way, I like your little Burning Man animation. It really works and, even though it is simple, stick figure art with few frames overall, it has great energy and you’ve created it to loop really well. I’ve been feeling a little burnt out lately and your little animation fired my imagination.


Alas that isn’t my work but i chose it as it suited my name so well. You are right though, sometimes less is more :slight_smile:

Not your work? Who’s is it? Your kid’s? Fun, anyhow.

I got it off a avatar site which has since closed down. It had lots of interesting animations to be used as forum avatars. I compressed it a little and cut out a few of the frames to get the file size down (I don’t want to eat up bandwidth :wink: ).

Well, now that you have Toon Boom, you can whip up your own little animated icon and put it here. Maybe we all should. I mean, if we’re animators…