this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way

Hi i have a problem while trying to render one scene. All others r fine but this doesnt want to be rendered. I tried on two other computers. Both r pretty new and strong also i tried too make clean install of toon boom and install c+ library. This is comunicate:

this application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the application’s support team for more information.

Looks like you ran out of memory. Did you check how the ram was doing? Do you have many levels and lots of big bitmaps?Which program are you talking about also, animate, animate pro or harmony?

I’ve 16 gb ddr3 ram so i dont think that this is problem. I dont use even 15% while rendering.I have like 10 textures in this project and about 200 layers. Also i’ve rendered this project already by sharing it on few parts and render one by one.But still if someone has an idea why its happening i’d apreciate that.

What platform are you on, Windows or Mac? Which program are we talking about?The fact that you have 16 GB and that it’s only 15% doesn’t mean the program didn’t reach the limit of the operating system. On Windows it’s about 1.6 Gb per program, on Mac it’s about 2.3 GB. If you are trying to do a QuickTime movie of 200 frames it might run out of memory since you said you managed to render smaller sections. Depending on which program you are on you have some Preferences in the Networktab that can split the rendering of bitmap images on a separate process. Theres also options in the Render tab. It’s possible in Harmony and Animate Pro but I think not in Animate from what I remember.In Harmony 10 it’s not even a concern since it’s 64 bits.If you are on Animate and can’t use those options you should render out as a sequence of images and then combine them in a movie in another application.To know if it’s problem of memory, open the Task Manager while rendering and check the concerned application (animate, animate pro or stage) and if it’s getting close to the maximum allowed (1.6 GB).

Thanks Steve, that helps a lot. I think thats it.I change settings in render tab, but i cant find it in network tab.Im on windows and animate pro 2. I didnt know about this restriction.Can u tell me exactly when in preferences in network tab i can find those settings u r talking about?Greetings! :slight_smile:

It’s called “Enable External Read if Image is Bigger than”. Then to the right there is 1.5 value. You can leave that value there. This applies only if you have big bitmap images in your scene.