This app can't run on your pc. Harmony won't install.

Hello there,
I upgraded from toon boom animate pro 3 to harmony and I downloaded the installer for windows when I was prompted.
Doubleclicking the installer I got the message “this app can’t run on your pc”.
For the info I have i7 at 3.4Ghz, 8gb of memory, Nvidia GTX660 and windows 8.1 64bit.

Please if you know anything about how to solve this let me know.
thank you in advance.

right clicking installer to run as/in administrator mode?

I had pretty much the exact same problem yesterday, and just got it working now. I ended up deleting the downloaded file and re-downloading it. For some reason it worked after that. I also updated windows part way through it all, so maybe that did something before re-downloading.

Hopefully that will work for you too.