Third party audio program to toon boom

i use pro tools to do sounds,voices,music, and then bounce it into one wave file ,
i start with a script , do all the sounds,voices,music in pro tools , and amagining out how the scenes are going to be like
then i start animating , but i have to change the sounds alot to time the animation right

so im having this workflow of deleting the sound imported to toon boom and importing the new one ,

isnt there a way to just import one audio file , and then updating it ?

or maybe someone has any tips on how i can have a better workflow ?

is it maybe possible , to put all the bits of vocals , sound ,music in different layers in toon boom , and then export it into different wave file and start mastering it in pro tools ?

I think the best workflow would be to have in Toom Boom only the essential, which normally would be only the dialogue track, for you to make the lip synch. In some cases it might be important to have temp SFX and/or music as a reference for animation (a character is using a hammer or dancing to a certain tune for instance), but ideally you would only need to make the final sound mix in post-production after editing. That is, in general you shouldn’t need to keep updating the animation shot with updated sound.

Luis Canau