Thinking of getting a touchscreen monitor

Can anyone recommend a touch screen monitor that i can use to draw in toon boom at a relatively low cost? I originally had something like this in mind. Is it any good, or are there better options?

In my opinion I wouldn’t buy something like this. I don’t think it’s practical for illustration or animation purposes because 1. It won’t be pressure sensitive 2. You will be getting major arm ache and 3. They are more built for clicking and dragging and less so for art software and therefore may be less precise. Wouldn’t risk it personally. If you are going to have a touch screen for art it should only really be a Wacom Cintique but I understand price is an issue. My recommendation would be to save up a little bit more money and get an Intuos medium graphics tablet if you haven’t already. In the long term you could then save up for a Cintique 13" HD which you can get for around £600/$900. Good luck! (I don’t work for Wacom).

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I have read how some people consider a Cintiq disadvantageous because your hand covers the drawing part of the time. In that regard drawing on a Cintiq is no different than drawing with a pen on paper. It is not a hindrance. You ignore your hand and focus on the drawing then move your hand out of the way like people have done for hundreds of years. The gains from using a Cintiq-type device render this moot. It is far more unnatural to draw on one surface while the results appear on another, especially when you are looking at what is being drawn. You are either following your pencil blind to the results or you are drawing blindly while focused on the results. People manage both ways. You can adapt. But the hand being in the way when using a Cintiq-like device is not a significant problem when making a choice.

you are so wrong…a wacom cintiq is a standard in the industry for a reason, is like drawing on paper, of course you can be ok with a intuos, but nothing compare to a cintiq. period.

I was using intuos tablet for a long time, now I have a cintiq and is like heaven! big difference, :wink:

forget about “touchscreen monitor” save the money, get a Wacom cintiq!!

The way these posts are lining up I cannot tell who you are speaking to. Did you intend to respond directly to my post? If so, you clearly misread my post. I did not say anything discouraging about using Cintiqs.