thinking about moving to animate

I’m currently using TBS5 and am thinking about moving to Animate because it integrates with Storyboard. Looking at the comparison matrix, I see that Animate doesn’t support real-time capture.

Anyone here used both Animate & TBS5? Aside from the support for Storyboard, will moving gain me anything?

If I do the cross-grade promotion, could I still use TBS5 to do stop-motion?


And Animate is missing the text tool, too?

Animate does not have the text tool. This is something that is being investigated as a feature to be added to Animate 2.

Moving from Studio to Animate will gain you the ability to use additional effects such as Blur, Glow, and others. You will also have the ability to work with the exposure sheet, an alternative that you can use instead of (or in conjunction with) the timeline. The drawing tools are also more advanced.

Perhaps you could post this in the Animate forums to ask other users’ opinions of that software?

Toon Boom Support

I was thinking of upgrading to Animate as well - where did you find a comparison matrix? ???


Looks like I’m staying with Studio for now, we’ll see what future versions of Animate can do.

I haven’t used studio, but went straight to animate. Within the first project, I was looking for a text tool. ???
But having photoshop on hand is a nice, and probably necessary addition. As drawing in animate feels a little uncomfortable for me.
At least as far as backgrounds and other stuff goes. I have found character design to be much easier in photoshop as well, as importing a line drawing can be converted to vector on the import.
I am slowly begining to see the need for storyboard as well. Laying it out on paper, then running to the computer to line it all up is a pain.