Things I've learned about masks and shadows, effects, and etc.

When you want to make a shadow blend in with another shadow instead of overlapping, here’s what I do.

Make a new mask and drag the shadow(s) you want masked into the mask effect. Clone the object in the shadow effect that you want to be the masker and place it into the mask layer in the effect. Don’t copy the entire shadow effect or it will still render like a normal shadow, completely ignoring the mask.

Having multiple effects on screen has a way of slowing down the export of a video segment. It may seem obvious but it caused me a bit of a noodle scratcher.

Render view is very helpful for seeing how a scene looks without exporting a new movie every time you want to see how you’re doing. Once again, probably obvious but a very helpful tip.

Using ctrl+alt to rotate the screen is invaluable for keeping one’s sanity while drawing with a tablet. I can’t draw a steady line to save my life but this make things a lot easier.

That’s about all i have for now. I hope I helped someone.