things and bugs id like the developers to look at

Im trying to use the game pipeline so i made a test character that i animated and exported accordingly to the video instruction.
The animation should look like this
But in unity it looks like this

After multiple testing i figured, that the export to sprite sheet script simply doesnt work in any update in TB harmony12
But In TB harmony 11 it turns out to work much better.

Another thing i noticed is that
TB harmony also doesnt import swf animations quite well as the animation moves way differently than supposed to, making its feature to import flash questionable if its any good at its current stage … Now the reason why iam so concerned about the buggy swf import is because i get clients who provide for example animations from previous animators in the swf format. It would be nice getting it to work properly…

It is rather importand to me at least that toon boom harmony 12 will have a functioning script for exporting to unity so the company i work for can publish a game project to mobile games with this feature.