thick outline tutorial? bubble-shadow? after import Flash, Illustrator

i try to use the bubble-shadow-plugin(harmony 9) for a complicate group with different motion inside to have a thick outline. but everytime i connect the plugin in the network to the group it disappears in the render-view. do i really apply it to every single element in the group?
and when i want to move a symbol, where i used the effect inside, over the screen in the top view via camera the shadow appears only at the last position. And when i connect direct to the symbol the outline have different thickness.
i am really confused about the plugin and the conditions to get it work. what is the best method to get a thick outline around an animated group?

oh!! I found out, that the reason for this error are the imported drawings from illustrator and flash. they seamed to have wrong coordinates or something so the outlines were for some reason thicker than the other. so i cut out the shapes of the import-generated drawing and copied it in a new one.(inside the symbol)