theres gotta be a quicker way!

Im trying to think of a way to make things more simple using cut out animation.
Whenever i want my character to blink, i gotta go to the drawing layer of left eye, change it to half blink, then goto the next frame change it to full blink and then reverse this and goto the next eye doing it again. this is begnning to be an issue when my character blink tens of times in a film.
THERES GOTTA BE A QUICKER WAY!. i havent found it yet.
please advice! like if i can configure a button for a blink, when i press it, the program will know what to do in the next 4 frames regarding the eyes drawings.
thanks very much in advance.

Hello Zishaha : )

The suggestions found here all work great.

You can indeed copy and paste the drawing substitutions in your timeline to simplify this process. This will not create new drawings, only add the exposure of your drawings in your timeline.

A template can also come in handy for any animation sequence, no matter how small. (if a blink seems time consuming, wait until you have to reuse walk cycles!)

In order to do this, you can select the frames that you wish to template from the timeline (in your case, the blink drawings) and drag these frames into your library. You will then be able to drag this portion of animation onto your drawing layer where you wish the blink to be. A portion of your timeline should become highlighted and this will automatically recreate the drawing substitution at the designated space. Note that this also works with keyframes, not just drawing substitution. If you wish to take into account the positioning of several assets, make sure you select all of them from the timeline. Collapsing the hierarchy of the item you wish to template usually works well for this.

For more information regarding this process, check out the following:

Let us know how this works out for you. Cheers! : )

welcome to animation. there is no button for it.

You can copy paste the frames with the animation, on the timeline or on the x-sheet. You can copy the blink and then click on frame 25, 75, 125, etc., and paste, paste, paste. You can also do paste reverse.

Luis Canau

Copy and paste or you could create a template of the blink, store it in the library and drag it to your timeline as needed.