There's a way to merge layers?

It would be very usefull, especially when importing swf made at Adobe Flash, they came in with infinite pegs and layers.
There’s a way to merge all?
If not, please think about it while developing animate 3

A way to simplify the timeline.
You can attach multipple layers to a peg or a drawing element and then collaps this parent element in the timeline. This will make the overview of your timeline more simple.
This will not flatten the layers but for many task let you handle many layers as one. If you go to the videotutorials you will find more info on arranging the timeline under the rigging- and the library- tutorials.
When importing swf the timeline often look like a mess.
I am not importing much SWF and therefore is not the right to give advice. But know it can be a shocking experience.
Maybe you can try import one instance at a time, like each character per se, and attach it to a masterpeg and name it. It will then be easier to sort the layers out later.Since I mostly use swf to import ToonBoom
Studio files into Animate Pro, there might be some problems here I am not aware of when it comes to importing from Flash.
Hope this is more to help than confusion.
Best regards

There’s no way to actually merge layers together. We can think about this, but the reason we haven’t done it so far is that each layer can have its own layer transformations on it. You can animate each layer independently. So when you want to merge layers together, how would you deal with the animation? Would you discard it? Particularly with a swf file, there is likely animation on your individual layers and you would lose all that animation if you tried to merge.

You can always export to bitmap and then import it and it will be merged, but of course then it’s no longer vector.


yeah discard the animations!
just have a popup warning (with a “never show again” option) like
“Merging these layers may discard any transformations on it”

Would love to see that in an update to animate 3!!!