There is no license found in your account

This is for Harmony and Storyboard Pro.

I have received a new computer this Christmas, an HP Spectre 360, core i7 touch screen laptop. I had an older computer that had both harmony and storyboard, but I have returned the licenses already, I am trying to activate them onto my new computer, and it’s saying that it’s activated, but every time I try to open it, it says that there is no license for harmony/storyboard on your account, but it clearly says that it’s activated! I reinstalled it, re-returned it and everything and it’s still not working. I can’t repair it either since it’s greyed out. I really need help with this since my classes are starting in January next year. I tried emailing support but they’re out until Jan. 2nd and 3rd.Thank you.

I really need help with this since my classes are starting in January next year

This is just a user forum. Sometimes Toon Boom is active here but there is no consistency. Contact Toon Boom Support directly

Good luck!

Did you finish the activation process up to receiving the message “Activation Successful”?

Are you seeing your license/product code on the License Manager window via License Wizard? If you have the license there but it’s “greyed out” don’t you have the option to click in the Repair button? Make sure you first click on the license to select it. If the license is greyed out, it could be a case to use the Repair option.

Did you ever get it to work? I’m curious to by this same laptop mind if I ask what your specs are?