There is no license for Harmony Advanced in your account.


I am an animator (obviously), and this year I got an Monthly Desktop Subscription for Toonboom Harmony Premium.
This week I had to install Toonboom in other computer (Mac) and now am I trying to use it on my computer (PC).
I click the bottom which says Activate Now. I press sign in, and it says “There is no license for Harmony Premium in your account.”, even though it shows “Harmony Premium - Monthly Desktop Subscription - Silver Support - Student”
Meanwhile I uninstalled from the Mac and it continuous to show me the same message.

So… what do I do?
Please help me it is urgent

Same problem, please help!

I know it’s been a year, but I had this same problem today.

Apparently you have to return the license on your old computer and then install it onto your new one. I found this video which thankfully worked wondefully.

I hope it helps you if you have this same problem!