There is no license for Harmony Advanced in your account.


I am an animator (obviously), and last year I got an annual subscription for Toonboom Harmony Advanced.
I am pretty sure I got a new computer in that time and just now am I trying to install it again.
I believe I got a trial because I thought that the license expired already (apparently it didnt)
And then I found out that I still had a license active, so I went to redownload it from the website, and I installed it properly,
And after it installed I was at the menu where it said both “I want to try Harmony Advanced”, and “I own Harmony Advanced and I want to install it on this computer.”
I click the bottom one, which says Activate Now. I press sign in, and it says “There is no license for Harmony Advanced in your account.”, even though it shows “Harmony Advanced - Annual Desktop Subscription - Silver Support”

So… what do I do?
I attached a picture of it below.

Your situation appears to be the same that another user experienced here:

The solution is to contact Support and have them assist you.

The license didn’t match the software.
It’s fixed now

Please email us at we will help you with that issue.

Best Regards,

Technical Support Specialist
Toon Boom Animation

hello there am a young animator and I heard good things about toon boom and I want to try it out but I cant! I wanted to download the free trial too see how it was and this is what it tells me when I am done typing my ID

" There is no trial license for Harmony Essentials in your account."

here is a picture

How can I find the license that match the software?

I don’t know if it’s a little too late for this, but I stumbled across this same problem today, and this video solved it wondefully for me.

Apparently in order to use Toon Boom on another account you need to return the license and sign in and install it on your new computer.

Hope this helps!