The "WHY?" thread

I’d like to start a thread that simply asks questions.

For instance:

Why, after multiple versions, spanning years, when special pasting a line and matte layer across many panels, does the matte layer not paste below its parent layer (based on naming: A and A_Matte) and why does it paste to the top of the layer stack forcing me to go through every panel and place it below the line layer?

Why do waveforms in the timeline just go blank out of the blue, and why has this problem persisted version after version?

I have a laundry list of questions about this expensive software. These are two random ones.

I’m experiencing the same issues, and are pretty annoying. Maybe a solution (but it is not completely the ideal function we expect) is to make a folder with the layer and matte layer, then I copy and paste special the whole folder across multiple panels. I think problems happen when you have a lot of layers that are named the same or, at least in my case, I have a pretty disorganized mess with layer naming and make the paste special whit the “overwrite existing layers…” checked. Did you spotted when this happens? Because I’ve just checked with a new blank file and the copy-paste of the two layers worked fine, with the matte layer under the other one, but it happened to me to (the same with the audio waveforms and a extensive list, yeah…)