the video tutorials to add captions,please?

the video tutorials to add captions,please?(English captions)
those videos:
Animating - Video tutorials

Because I can’t quite understand English speech,but I can understand some English captions words.

If the video to add captions,non English country people can understand better.
I think.

I know add captions workload is very big,so I would like to provide some help.
for example,Machine Transcriptions,but there will be many it is necessary to amend.
srt captions(many mistakes): 2.55KB
------------------------------------------------- 13.7KB
------------------------------------------------- 7.77KB

please help?

for example subtitles

Thanks for the subtitle ;D


Thanks for your help! :smiley:
and I upload Animate Pro 2 video tutorial captions machine transcriptions(the captions have some mistake words,it’s necessary to amend.)a total of 115 files size:775KB


Thanks for submitting the request. We’re discussing it now with the team to see whether this is something we can do.