The Triplettes of Belleville

few days i found this article
where it was written that Triplettes of Belleville is made toom boom products , is it ture ? because i have a dvd of this movie in which they have shown the making of this project and i noticed that they showed 2 things …one was a 3d programme and other was adobe photoshop …i am wondering for which purpose they used toon boom products …if anyone has any information regarding this movie then please share with me … thanks .

Hi Awais,

Yes it is true but they also used other softwares.

The Triplettes was done in a traditional animation workflow. All the animation was hand drawn then scanned in to Opus (Toon Boom’s traditional solution) then composited using more then one software. The 2D/3D integration was done using Maya. Then shaded using a toonshader (I’m not sure if they used our toonshader for Maya).


a haan … thak mathieu for these info ,
actually i want to learn some benefits of cutout animation by viewing different movies , can you please suggest me any movie which is made by this approach or any movie which has been made by solo product …


A very popular show called 6teen (from Nelvana) which is done using cut out + IK from Harmony/Solo. You can watch it on Teletoon, YVT or on MTV.

Nelvana is also working a an other cut out project Ruby Gloom

There is also Mischief City and Weird Years from Mercury that is very well done for cut out animation (great character design).

These are ones I know for sure, if you ask in the Solo forum or the sales team, they can probably give you other good examples.