The TOONBOOM webpage search bar?

There use to be a search bar to search through the forms to seek out the help one would need.

Where is it?

Or is this my browser, I have tried 3 of them now. Am I missing something.

I am on a Mac and in the upper right corner I see a search bar in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Do you at least see a dark bar across the top with the TB explosion/BOOM! logo on the left Contact Us, Products, Resources, Support, Community, Store, Sign In on the right?

That’s interesting. I am also on a Mac and I do not see a search bar in either Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

Do you see anything I described in a bar across the top of the page?

What version of OS X are you running?

Now I’m really curious. I’ve tried on 2 Macs running OSX10.8 and 10.9 with Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, I’ve tried on my iPad iOS5, and I’ve even tried on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8.1 and Internet Explorer.

Nowhere is a search bar to be seen . . . just the usual items that you described.

Offhand, I would say that you are rather lucky/special if you can somehow access a search bar. I couldn’t even find this as an option to toggle on my profile page.

This is not a problem for me . . . I’m just curious as to how you are able to see a search bar.

well,i also have the same question.and i am here to find if there is a good way to slove it.

This is not a good. Please place the search bar back,

In the meantime using Google works better than the Site Map search field I mentioned earlier.

On safari in the upper right corner this is what I see in Safari, Chrome, and firefox.

The logo on the left

Then Products, Resources, Support, Community, Store, Sign In on the right?

But right above the sign in. I see a blue button that has CONTACT US on it.

This is on my 10.8 and 10.9 and 10.10 Mac OS’s.

Is there a way to put a screen shot up here?


And right above my ACCOUNT ICON is a blue/Cyan button that says CONTACT US.

Odd place to place a contact button.

Okay the search box is there until you click on user form then it disappears.

So log in / SUPPORT / USER FORUM: Search bar disappears.

Anything you click on in the Welcome to Toon Boom Forums the search bar is gone.

On all browsers.

Today the Search field here at the top of the page in the User forum is gone. It was there when I posted my earlier comment. At that time I had even cleared my cache wondering whether I was just seeing a stored pre-updated version with a Search field.

BTW, I only use the link to

The Home directory of the User Forum is a waste of time IMO. ( )

NOTE: There is a Search option at the bottom of all pages inside the footer bar within “Site Map” that searches everything on the address including the forum.