The toonboom paradigm


I am trying the studio, coming from macromedia flash i can tell i find the toonboom products approach a bit too different. Actually i drawn a table, a chair, and a bottle, each has its sheet, and each has its layer in timeline. Fine. But i would expect to see them all simultaneously while iam on frame1. Same as in flash?

No, i can’t see them all on the same time on the screen. What i can i do to bring them all at sight and lay them out?

Thank you


There are 2 ways to see all the drawing. Using the drawing view is somewhat as if you had doubleclicked on a movie clip in Flash, it only shows you the actual element that is selected and the multiple frames you have in that element. Now if you want to see the scene grayed out (as if you had double clicked on an movie clip element in the scene view of flash) use the autolight table. The icon to trigger it on is the light bulb. This is useful to position elements throughout your scene but it would be best if you use the next method to position things.

If you want to see the whole scene and disposition of the element you will need to go in the sceneplanning view. It is the camera icon on top right of the drawing window or you can access it through Window>Show Camera View.

Hope this can help you out.

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