The timeline and layers tab dissappearred and I cant add it back

Hello,I’m still very new to the program.I tried to rearrange my different menus like my timeline and i used the grey bar to raise the timeline menu as it was cut off in on my macbook screen but then it just became a whole separate window to the toon boom harmony essentials progra.I exited this new window as i didn’t want a whole new window just for that menu but now I don’t know how to get the timeline menu back on the program and fitted to where I can see it all on the screen.I bought a month subscription of toon boom harmony essentials.Also I can’t access preferences through my edit tab to highlight my menus in red when i scroll through them.I also right click and click the ‘right to modify’ option on the library’s tutorial templates that I brought into harmony but then it doesn’t bring up the tpl files in my library menu as it should.Please, any help would be highly appreciated.Update: I had to search for preferences for the menus to be highlighted in red with focus on mouse enter options as the preferences option doesn’t show up in my edit tab menu to let me choose that option.