The Stroke? Deleting the stroke

How can you delete the stroke with one click instead of clicking on every line for 10hours?

Is there a way to just select the whole stroke at once? Then delete it without deleting the inside colors?

Thanks for any help on this.

If your strokes are centerline you can select all the painted design and reduce the thickness of the pencil trace value to 0 from the properties window selection (down, in “pencil selection” slider). But if your strokes are brush type, you can start their work creating only the line in the layer “line art” (buttons below and to the left of the drawing window), then select all the line and apply “create colour art from line art” button, which is found in the properties window selection, and then, activate the “colour art” button, found next to line art, painting all the drawing in that layer, so that the line remains independent to the colour and they can be clear to all if desired. You can always preview the results using the “Preview line and colour art”. Is better mantain active “show brush strokes” ( K key in my case) in the colour art before to paint, and use the close gaps options. Hope that helps.


Thanks for the how 2’s. works great saved me a bunch of time.

Thank you, Yoryo

I want to add that you can also select all the strokes of the “same color” in this way:
1-select the color stroke to use in the current color palette
2-In the menu Drawing go to “Select Drawing Strokes With Current Colour” (Ctrl + Shift + A) and delete the strokes.
We must clarify that pencil colors (centerline) generate strokes without colors separation, in contrast brush strokes will done a erased line between colors. Regards.


That is what I was also looking for kind of the same as in illustrator, can you also do this with color fills.