The Stereoscopic film in Animate Pro Features

I just got around to looking at Toon Boom’s stereoscopic 3D film sample in the Animate Pro 2 features of this site with the proper 3D glasses. I thought it work okay in the black and white playback, but in the color playback it gets lost and we perceive double images of the characters running, this is especially noticeable during the pan. Once the pan has stopped the ending works better. A few of us at work have looked at it and felt the same way.

Our opinion is that the pan artwork colors are too saturated and it conflicts with the foreground characters and the 3D effects becomes jarring during the pan.

If you update this film for your tutorial, I would suggest you try lowering the saturation of the background colors so they don’t look as up front as the characters and the foreground overlays. Darkening the foreground overlay, suggesting some lighting contrasts could also help. Right now we are learning that working in 3D means re thinking how we make our color composition to maximize the effect and keep the overall colors harmonious.

I think we are about to see some great 3D work with Toon Boom in the near future.


Thank you for your observations. I’ll definitely pass on your comments. It’s a restriction of doing the output in red-blue 3D that the colours will naturally look a little bit off. Of course if we had output to polarised format or to the battery-powered strobing 3D glasses then it would look perfect, but not everyone has the correct monitor to view these and thus why we had to go with red-blue.

I also look forward to seeing some of the 3D movies/tv shows that come out with our software. All of the works that I have seen so far look very promising indeed! It’s a fun feature.

Toon Boom Support