The Snot Shot!

How about a little immaturity on a Saturday afternoon?

One of my characters sneezes on the other, to much disapproval!


nice, you’re really talented. animation and art wise… i can’t help but notice how good and stylized your visual effects are, an area i am yet to explore. just to be certain, these effects were done traditional way right? i mean not using a another software, like aftereffects.

Hey thanks for the kind words!

I’m not sure what you’re referring to in regard to ‘visual effects,’ is it perhaps the puff of smoke at the beginning? To be clear, everything was drawn by me by hand, although there was a little tweening going on (for example, the little drip of snot that lingers on his nose after he sneezes.)

Thanks again!

Love it!! Thats exactly how I sneeeze!!! Now piss off!