The Snail (My First Toon Boom Animation)

Hello all. I’ve only been using Toon Boom for a month or so as I’m currently saving for a perpetual Harmony Premium licence, I’ve been slowly learning and experimenting with the trials and essentially re-learning everything I know on animation through a whole other medium. I come from a very amateur background in animation after using Microsoft 3D Movie Maker for over a decade, you may or may not have heard of it but it’s utterly nothing in comparison to Toon Boom or any other industry standard animation software, so everything I know is self taught from a 90’s kids program. Regardless though it’s helped me develop a real taste for both animation and story telling and I’m excited to learn more and improve on what I know.

This is my first actual complete animation which I made during the last 24 hours of my trial run, essentially a practice run on what little I had managed to learn in so little time. I’m sure to many of you this is utterly horrendous or hilariously bad, Simplistic as hell I know, like an early 2000’s flash animation but bearing in mind I’ve literally jumped straight into using Harmony without any real experience in using any actual animation software, I’d like to think it’s at least a start!

I do plan on creating more content (with a lot more work, time and thought put into it) in the future as I’m currently using a Harmony Advanced trial to keep practising. Of course all comments and feedback are most welcome. This is all uncharted territory for me so I look forward to seeing what some more experienced animators might think!

cool dude.