The September 1st 2010 version 2,0 sale!

So we only have one day to take advantage of this sale. I have the previous version and I would be happy to upgrade at that price… wait, WHAT? !!! The upgrade is more than the new product?

Please answer me this before end of day: can’t I upgrade my version of Storyboard Pro to 2.0 for the sales price, I mean seriously, CHEAPER than to upgrade?!!!

Just FYI, if you want the fastest response on any kind of a sales question, please email As a technical specialist I can’t answer sales questions and I always have to direct you to email sales anyway, so it’s best if you just skip the forums and email sales directly for sales questions.

If you haven’t already done so, feel free to send them an email, even if the sale’s already over at least they can discuss with you.