The Rich Fool

This is a sneak peak at my next Parable animation called The Rich Fool. The whole thing will be two minutes long and this is the first 17 seconds.

Here’s the completed animation.

I really love your work, I love how you get maximum effect with minimum animation (thus allowing you to make more)

I actually thought that was a bit harsh from god! Made him sound vengeful, which my girlfriend informs me isn’t what her impression of god is.

Thanks for the comments, James! As for the portrayal of God in the story, that’s just how the story goes as written in the Bible. I guess the lesson is that you never know when death will come so be wise in how you decide to live your life.

That was just the impression i got, remembering I am not really religious.

One art comment, while I loved the money scene, i think the gradient in the background would of looked better with a few flecks of black to give it some detail.

You mean like on the walls behind the guy? Yeah, I could have added some texture to give it more interest. Thanks!

not the walls, you had little piles of coins, and under it there was a plain gradient that he was sitting on. I just imaging scrooge mc duck (one of my fav cartoons as a kid!) and that plain gradient i though just needed a touch more life.

Ha! Scrooge McDuck, that’s exactly what I was thinking of when I did this scene! You got it! I actually had that yellow gradient filled with gold coins but then I thought I should have it be wheat since it says “his grain” in the story. But when I added that it was way too busy. So I just left it as it was but perhaps I could’ve added the grain in a monochromatic color scheme so that it had that texture and look without distracting from the overall scene.