the reverted clipping effect

hi all,
i try to make a ‘smeared’ background painting around my main feature shape.
i wanted to create a mask, covering my main shape to freely draw thick strokes over it (like a film layer, which prevents the shape from being drawn upon).
the clipping mask feature doesn’t really work, because all the drawing elements in the timeline appear beneath the mask element, and i want to have the masking shape between two drawings: main shape and the background strokes.
is it anyhow possible? i use tbs v3 on a pc…

thanx in advance

p.s. btw, the main shape doesn’t have all the gaps filled and a simple background paint bucket fill is not enough for me. i want the background (which is actually more a foreground) really ‘smeared’ with many thick strokes (100/100 brush) around my feature shape. any cleaning afterwards with an eraser would be too much work ( it’s 25 fps :wink: ).

any idea, anybody?