The perspective tool doesn't live up to its name.

The perspective tool can’t do perspective! :(I tried to put a circle in perspective but i couldn’t do it!?it should be renamed to “move 4 corners independedly” or someting but with perspective it has little to do.if only the side handles could be shifted along their ribs…

Not sure what exactly you’re having trouble with. For a simple one-point perspective, just move the top corners closer to each other. Calling it “Tools with which you can simulate perspective effects” would have been too long-winded to fit in the menu. :wink:http://perspective1pt.jpgNote that the auto-perspective tools usually do one-point perspective only.With this tool you can simulate any type of view or perspective.

hmmmm tried to attach a jpeg image to show the perspective but this doesn’t seem to be working on this forum.

text doesn’t work in perspective tool - this is very important .

Here are the images that Ron wanted uploaded:

Well the way to make it work is to convert the text into a drawing. Select the text, then right-click and do a Convert > Break Apart Text Layers. Breaking it once breaks each letter into its own text object, so you need to do it again. If you Break Apart twice, then now you can use the perspective tool on your text.