The Perfect Resolution -Choices

Good Day,
I am beginning an animation project, and am looking for some advice. The animation project is a learning project, to be saved to DVD and for web in the future. What is the best resolution to chose for this project, should I work in HDTV or half HDTV for the best resolution that will render fast. I have 10 minute segments, for a total of 1 hour to animate.

Can someone give me some advice who has worked with DVD projects?

Thank you!;action=display;threadid=3974;start=msg19192#msg19192

Oh my looks like I’ll be needing Adobe Premier software for joining my PNG’s… Looks like that gent just had a old DVD player

Reading more. Thanks

Maybe this article I wrote a while ago can help you too:

Thank you for the article. What I got out of the article as I am going to use Adobe Premier Pro for joining my animate pro segments, and if I use HD setting of 1920 x 1080, my only problem is going to be render time.

I went out and bought a 3.7 GHZ, 16 GB RAM, and 2 gb Getforce 550i to handle the rendering, hopefully all will go well in that resolution setting with the hardware I have.

You should not have any problem, it will depend how complex your scenes are. Bitmap images size if you have any, number of layers and brush strokes.

By the way if you are on Windows the 16 GB Ram won’t help too much since the maximum allocatable ram for 32 bit applications is about 1.7 GB.

In Harmony 10 which is a 64 bit application it can your 16 GB.

The graphic card also doesn’t change anything for the rendering but it will help when you are just playing the scene in the Camera view.


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