The only color i have available is black?

I recently downloaded Toon Boom Studio. It seems as though the only color is black. When I select a color in the color palette and make a brush stroke, it’s always black no matter what color I have selected. Also, the onion layers are black instead of red and green.

Any help is appreciated.

This is probably due to the lack of proper OpenGl support for your model of graphic card.
If you are on Windows, go into the preferences of TBS and on the “Display” tab set the renderer
to Direct3D instead of OpenGL. Relaunch the software to see if the change has any effect.

If it doesn’t improve your display, try updating the graphic driver for your video card.
If this also does not produce the desirable result it probably means that your graphic card
is not capable of the diplay necessary for running the program. This can happen with the low-end
graphic cards that are integrated into the mother board of most laptop systems and the lower-end
desktop systems.

thanks, kriz! changing the preferences fixed the problem.

why The only color i have available is black in Toon Boom Harmony?
please help me

Hi There,
This might related to your graphic card in not good enough to run Harmony 11.
Please refer to the system requirement:

Hello sir i am using harmony stage 10 and in my view all objects are viewing black color but in render output they are color as i put color as file i have attached.
and every objects are viewing black also importing image files are black. please sir help me