The need for speed

Hi guys, simple question, no need to find out what computer specs i have as I’m stuck with what i have. I just want to know how i can speed up my workflow by getting rid of some Lag.

for example i am flicking through my different hand drawings (I have over 20) and it just lags… i want to get rid of that lag.

I do isolate my characters from the scene and that helps but I still get Lag.

I work per frame. I’m just trying to tighten the few seconds of lag that cost me time because they all add up at the end of the day. Right now I am working faster than toonboom can keep up with.

Please help, thankyou

maybe the lag is because your computer specs aren’t capable enough of running harmony at it’s fullest and that’s why it lags.

hahaha I took extra care on making sure noone would say this but thanks for the troll if it was a troll. I’m just after preference changes within the software.

I’ve turned off Enable playback caching, not sure what else i can do