The Mystery of the Crashing Scene


I’ve been having fun making my first real animation with Toon Boom and I ran into a bit of problem I was hoping someone here might know how to solve: I’m testing out using camera movement and depth, so I have one scene that is a sky with 12 or so unique clouds at varying levels. The camera moves into these clouds and stops before a background.

Everything was going good until out of the blue I can’t access this scene anymore without crashing Toon Boom.

Any thoughts?

I’ve tried the below and none of them work:
Restarted the app
Restarted my computer
Changed the Toon Boom display mode from Quartz2D to OpenGL
Modified the Textures and Images to "Faster Display"
Prayed to Ceiling Cat

Oddly, the thing that does work is to go into the scene manager and delete the other scenes. I can salvage this part. but I’d love to know what I’m doing so this doesn’t happen again.

Here is my computer info/specs:
2.16 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
1 GB Ram
Mac OS X 10.5.2
Quicktime 7.4.5
Toon Boom Studio 4.0

- Josh

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Hi Josh
i have ruffly the same setup but more ram

are your clouds textures?,images ?or just drawn
textures and images depending on the size will drag it down

try lowering the Modified the Textures and Images to a little lower setting
and in your mac utilities rebuild your permissions

go/utilites/disl utility/reapir permissions


Thanks Jimmy!

I was guessing this might be a ram issue since the scene plays well by itself. I’m going to give what you mentioned a shot later today. The clouds are all hand drawn, and then colored with gradients…

I really appreciate your help!