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This is my first post in the Studio forum, so let me start by saying that I really love Studio 4.0. Every feature I’ve used so far works like a charm.

But there’s something I’m a little confused about, and it has to do with the library, and organization isn’t one of my strong points to begin with lol.

I’m working in Windows, just so you know. I created a template of a character pose that I designed. Then I created a new catalogue in the left library panel under the Global library and added the character pose to that. That worked fine, because when I open up a new project and click on that catalogue in the Global library the template appears. No problems there. But when I open up the Global library under My Documents, I see the TBT pose template there, but I don’t see the catalogue I created. I assumed that there would be a folder there or something.

I’m going to take a stab in the dark here and guess that all the Global templates get filed in that one window, and that the catalogues are only visible in the Library panel of a project? Lol. Am I way off, or am I just overlooking something?

Well, you’re absolutely right… “New Catalogues ”are subfolders of Libraries, mainly for organizational purposes in the Library-panel, they won’t appear as a folder in the Global Library in the Documents.

Create a Folder in the Documents Global Library and give it a name /
open TBS, in the Library-panel right-click any Folder, from the pop-up-menu choose “Create Library” / choose that Folder you just created and load it into your Library-panel /
create as much Libraries as you like /
any Template you drag into your new Libraries will appear in the appropriate folder in the Documents Global Library folder.

Libraries can be stored anywhere, send to other computers or shared through a network.


If you want to learn more read this page in the Cartooning In Toon Boom Wiki written by Ugo. -JK

Toon Boom Studio File Formats

Thanks guys, it worked. ;D I had to do it a couple of times to get it right, but now I understand how it works. The first time I did it, when I moved or copied the template from the right panel into the New Library, it wasn’t showing up in the Documents library folder I’d created, so that confused me a little. But then I realized that I had to actually save the changes to the Global Library within the project itself. After I did that, I went back and checked, and there it was. Confusion cleared up. I think lol. Thanks again!