the Import from illustrator 2019 files is not working


I made the upgrade of my illustrator to 2019.

When I tried to import the ai file to Toonboom Hamony 14, nothing happens, the software is not importing even ai, pdf, or swf files. But still importing my old illustrator projects.

Now I’m using illustrator 2019
ToonBoom Harmony 14
Mac OS Majove.

Could you help me please? It is very important for my work keep using Illustrator and Toonboom harmony.


If the new Illustrator still lets you save in legacy format, try saving
it in compatibility with Illustrator 10 and re-import.

Beyond that, make sure that the file name and the folder path
you are importing it from contain only non-accented letters and
numbers - no spaces or special symbols other than “-” or “_”
which can be used in place of where you would put a space in

I’ve uploaded a video explaining how I import my Illustrator files into Harmony with separate layers:

I am using the latest version of both programs (Illustrator V23 2019 and Harmony Premium V16), but I’ve been using this method for years and haven’t had a problem yet.

If you watch the video, please let me know if this works for you AND if it doesn’t work. I work on a Mac, I would be interested to see if it’s a Windows issue?

Fingers crossed!