The Hunter

“The Hunter” for your viewing.

Very nicely done! I really liked it!

+1 great.

The only thing which wasn’t was the static intro. But once you get animating it was very enjoyable and the music really added to it allowing you to give the animation space to breathe without nothing happening being boring.

Thanks for the feedback from you and Zeb.

I agree looking back that the intro was too long. Still learning.


Nice action-adventure! You did a great job with a pretty quick pace. Are you eager to try it with your own character design? (THAT’s a learning experience - well, for me, it is. :))

Thanks. I hope to one day design my own characters but for now I am focusing on learning and improving my animation skills. Like you said, character design is a learning experience in itself.

Very fun! I need to look into pre-made characters. I design all my own, and it eats up a lot of time (Though it is fun).

Great work! Good storytelling!

Haha, that was very funny!