The Good Neighbor - New animation

Here’s my latest animation done with Harmony. All the art is done in Xara Designer Pro 7.

Your productions just keep getting better and better. Very clean and tight work.

I liked the fight scene a lot. That was cool.

The message in terms of children really didn’t work that well for me. I understand where you are going, but knowing your target market, to me it felt dangerous. If i had children I certainly wouldn’t them following what the story suggest, mainly because I feel it could end up in dangerous situations.

Please don’t take that the wrong way, cause I do like your work, I just how I personally felt. I am curious if anyone feels the same way as me, or if i am just over thinking it.

Thanks, eglue and James! James, the message is based on the story of the Good Samaritan. In the original version, a man gets robbed, the thieves take everything he has and leave him for dead. Two people pass by and do nothing to help him. A third person comes by, a Samaritan, who in those days, was an enemy of the guy who was robbed. He puts him on his donkey, takes him to an inn and pays the innkeeper for his room and board and care and then comes back a few days later to pay for whatever the bill comes to.

So I tried to modernize it. I wanted the main character to be helped by someone you would least expect, in this case, the old beggar. But to underscore the point more, I came up with the idea of him having shutdown the beggar in the first scene, making it even more unlikely that he would be the one to help.

Aside from the biblical adaptation, I wanted it to be a statement on todays world in which it is common for people to “pass by” situations where someone is being beaten, robbed, or abused, etc., and do nothing about it, not wanting to get involved.

So, anyhow, that was my thinking. As always, I appreciate your critiques and anyone elses as that’s how you learn to improve your work. Thanks!

This is a polished, professional production, Zeb. Well done!

One thing I am curious about is how you go about creating your soundtracks. Do you create them yourself? Do you hire a musician or composer? Do you grab free sound files off the web and piece them together? However you do it, the end result works very nicely with your visuals.


Thanks, Guitarist! By the way, I too, play guitar. As for the music, I have a friend who adds the music for me and tweaks the audio part. I added the sound effects that I gather from here and there and create some myself. Sometimes for the music I use Sonicfire Pro. Once you have the software you can download albums or single clips and they are good to use and duplicate up to 10,000 copies under their standard license. Sonicfire is nice cause you can set it to the time you need, like 32 seconds, and it adjusts the track to fit.A friend of mine that does animation uses this site: I haven’t tried it but it works for him.Another cool site that I’ve found sfx on is They also have music. Not sure about the copyright and all that, but it may be a help.I’m currently thinking about dusting off my guitar, kazoo and harmonica and doing my own music just so I don’t have the hassle of copyright and all. Maybe it’ll sound more homemade and unique–ha!

I know where the story came from and I agree you followed the story :slight_smile:

I guess my comment is partly a sad comment on modern society where you can never be too careful!

Out of interest, if you don’t mind me asking, have you sold any?

I agree with guitarist in that your use of sound effects and music makes a huge difference. When you compare that against the wonderfully drawn alien scene someone just posted, how much it needs some sound.

While some of your sound effects are overly obvious, i think it works perfectly for the style.

Thanks for your comments, James! Well, I only just released it a couple of days ago and at this point haven’t made any sales. But I expect it will do well as have my other animations. Nothing too spectacular but one day, who knows! :wink:

Very cute, sweet story and design, and very well planned! Very cleverly simplified some animation quagmires like the fight scene and getting the guy into the wagon. The cute voice gibberish treatment really drove it home, especially in the hospital room. Very heartwarming.

Thanks, Mike! Coming from you that’s quite a compliment!

Fantastic work Zeb, very appealing art style.
I can see this working great with kids!
I’m not a religious person, so I can’t really comment on the story’s relation to the original, but seeing it for the first time I think it flowed well.

Looking forward to more!

Thanks, Cam!

Nice work again, Zeb!