The Dell Latitude XT and ToonBoom

Hi Everyone I am delighted to bring you my Dell Vs ToonBoom Review.

Pen Preasure IS NOT supported in ToonBoom

N-Trig Digitiser and Capasitive Touch screen

All though pen preasure isnt supported it is very accurate.

In toonboom the pen gets very sticky even with max performace enabled.

The Preasure Sensitivity works only in MS products for some reason.

The Built in ATi Card is good and lots of great features in the catalyist control centre.

The Playback quality is very good when rendering scenes.

They only have a small eraser button unlike wacoms eraser top.

The Portrait Mode correction doesnt work.

Well there you have it. I hope this has been useful to those of you who are going to buy one specifically for toonboom. It does cost alot of money too.


Not sure if it will fix anything but for the pen pressure have you tried to get the latest drivers for your machine? I don’t know which technology is behind the pen support of that Dell machine but if it is Wacom you should be able to get the pressure supported.

Best regards,


Hi Ugo, Thankyou very much for your reply.

The people behind the lx are n-trig a completely new organisation in the business.

unfortunately its not wacom as i was hoping it would be.

on the good hand because its built into the screen its a whole lot more percise.



May I ask what made you decide to buy this machine if you bought it specifically for TBS?

I’m asking because I bought a Gateway Tablet a few years ago …with TBS in mind and like the Dell they didn’t use Wacom technology. I regretted it, the machine is fine otherwise …in fact I’m using it now…but because of the incompatibility issue it didn’t work well with TBS. At least …after I owned it for a while and tried to do some heavy animation …initially it worked fine.

But I took a chance on the Gateway because it was cheap …less than $1K, and it even has a dedicated ATI graphics card.

The dell …if I’m looking at the right machine starts at $2.5K, even over $3K your still stuck with an integrated video card. Dell makes great, reliable computers (I have a desk top from them) …but so does Lenovo, and Toshiba …you could have bought a similar Tablet for less $$…with WACOM technology from any of those 2.

So I’m thinking maybe there is something with the dell I over-looked.

i just got it as a showcase system for my customers and decided to try toonboom with it, amazingly enough flipboom works with it and has preasure sensitivity lol.

my next move will be buying a wacom ccintiq21ux and the new apple tablets for each of my main employees