The current Smart Add Panel button is really not useful!

I used storyboard 20.

And I find it difficult to add new Panel while keeping the Background.

I find Smart Add Panel really annoying.
First I have to select which panel to keep and which not .

Secondly , I have to press okay everytime for it then To create my new panel.

Thirdly, I have to Find the empty layer and click on it again to finally be able to draw . Because The layers keep jumping to the other layers that I specific say I do not want to draw on?! Like what’s up with that?

That’s is 3 clicks jsut so that I can finally draw . And by that time , my short term memory and my adhd already lost all the ideas on what to draw next. And it make me really agitate.

Like why don’t it stay in the same layer that i will draw on next?!

I find it much easier to manage if I just duplicate the panel and then Ctrl+A and Delete. So I can both stay on the layer that I want to continue animate and it won’t jumping all over the place.

***my suggestion is to maybe to have an options button for the Smart Add Panel to auto-acknoledge to keep the Other layer that i am not current on, and make the layer I am current on empty. Also when it create a new Panel , I will still be remain in that same layer. And have an option to never ask me again so I can jsut press One button and I will be done with it!

I might be really sensitive but 3 clicks away is enough to making me lose my insanity , but I have to do that for every single panels ? Yeah no, I jsut want to turn the software off!