The conversion Page still does not seem to work?!?!

There does not seem to be any instructions on the conversion page at all?!?

Haha! Well, I guess there’s bound to be teething problems with the new software. I’m itching for them to bring out some new tutorials explaining everything in detail. It’s hard not to be impatient when you’re trying to figure it out whilst working on projects :slight_smile:

What I was told.

File must be zipped.

Needs to be under 2GB.

Zip the whole Toonboom Animate Pro Project folder.

Conversions once uploaded can take up to a week to convert.

If it does not seem to be uploading then you will need to check your firewall settings and your browser it may be blocking the upload.

Also, I was told to make sure to cleanup my Animate/Animate Pro projects before I created a big ZIP file with all of them. To quote support:

“When I say “cleanup”, I mean removing all rendered images from the “frames” folder. These rendered images do not need to be converted and they might take a lot of disk space. If you do not remove them, we will transfer data for nothing, slowing down the convertion process.”

Just FYI for anyone else about to convert their files.

EDIT: I had my projects converted manually by support before the feature was added to our accounts. I have not converted any projects since, and have not used the feature myself.

Why didn’t they just say Toon Boom is manually doing these conversions?

The way this is stated looks like there is conversion software in our My Account that we process ourselves. Speaking of it like this also lends to a notion that this is going to be a simple procedure. Yet the amount of time it actually takes complicates the situation. A week is a long time compared to minutes or hours one would reasonably expect if there was self-service software online for this conversion.

Animate/Pro projects can be converted to Harmony by going into your My Accounts section and selecting Harmony Project Conversion.

Thanks for the info DessieX.

I asked him last night what else do I need to do? He said none of that. For love of the animation GAWDS!

This is a mess, why don’t they just make the application properly to work with old docs, this is just well for lack of a better word DUMB.