The Control Point

Hi everyone.

I’m learning how to use Animate and i’ve made the animation of the butterfly that moves across the screen but I can’t seem to edit the trajectory of it.

I press cmd+F11 to show the control path which works fine but I need to add a control point to the trajectory line, and hovering over the orange trajectory line and pressing P doesn’t do anything. It’s driving me mad, what am I doing wrong?

Many many thanks in advance for your help and support :slight_smile:

Mac Specs: 2.66GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, 8GB 1066 MHz DDr3 Snow Leopard

Another thing I’ve just noticed, I can’t even delete control points on the trajectory path, or change them from liner motion to curved >:(

Double-click the Drawing Layer in the Timeline to open the Layer Properties…
Change the Position from Separate to 3D Path… close the window…
Animate the object again…

Hoover over the Motion-path and hit the “P”-key… as often as you like…
Move those control-points into any position…
Select any control-point and hit the delete-key…

Or open Animate’s Preferences / General and uncheck “Default Separate Position”
Restart Animate…
Then attach the Drawing to a Peg and animate the Peg… proceed like above…

Right-click in an empty space in the top Toolbar and from the contextual menu
choose Control Point…

In the Viewport select any control-point and from the Control Point window check
Lock in Time, a “red mark” appears in the control-point and a keyframe in the Timeline, indicating the change to a keyframe…
Do the opposite to change from a keyframe to a control-point…



Brilliant! This solved my problem completely!

Such a relief to see the little pink control point dot appear after hitting P on the keyboard!

Many many thanks to you Nolan :wink:


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