The Chronicles of Z

Hi all,
I present to you my new cartoon about a Russian mafia, police and Prohibition (:

I had no idea what was going on but that looked fantastic!

Nice work

Fantastic! That’s exactly the look I want my work to have (eventually). It’s to your credit that I don’t speak Russian, but had no problem understanding the story (I think). :slight_smile:

Lilly, onlyanton, Justin, thank you for your feedback

Here is a poster for my movie
(click for better quality)
inscription on the picture - The Chronicles of Z

Very nice work, Dmitry! Looks quite professional. How long did it take you to do? How many people worked on it? I can’t tell from the credits–ha!

Zebtoonz, it took nearly three months (with breaks)
Only I worked on the cartoon. People from the title engaged characters in dubbing

I hope Google translator translated it right ;D

I love the character designs, and there were some super cool transitions and things in there too. Good job! Now I’ve just got to learn Russian 8)